Zoom LeBron IV (White/True Red-Mean Green)

Inspired by LeBron's favorite childhood cereal, the LeBron 4 Fruity PEBBLES™ hits the shelves with a vibrant mix of nostalgic graphics. Reviving the King's coveted 2006 player exclusive, the original color scheme combines a White Foamposite upper that's colder than a splash of milk. Breakfast time is when families come together, so we added "FAMILY SIZE" to the pull tabs as a way to honor loved ones at your table. Time to get out of bed, open your Fruity PEBBLES™ shoebox and nourish your feet—all while attacking the day like LeBron.

We ask that anyone in line be in line, chairs do not represent you. Our staff has been advised to clear them in the case nobody is sitting in them. Make sure all trash is cleaned up prior to opening. We appreciate your cooperation and that’s why we will continue to hold first come first serve offerings.

We will be releasing this item first come, first serve at 10AM Thursday (3/7).

Cincinnati will have men's sizes 7-15.
Dayton will have men's sizes 8.5-11.5.
Indianapolis will have men's sizes 7-15.

Retail is $250 for men.