Kobe VIII Protro (White/White/White)

The exceptionally light, low-cut design (the same one that propelled Kobe through the 2011-12 season) is refreshed with a triple-white colorway and a React foam insert to help increase the energy in every step. Finishing in true Protro fashion, elevated embroidery and Kobe’s “Sheath” logo repeating on the midsole bring the Mamba Mentality to every step.

Disclaimer: Please note we will always do our best to try and get you the size you request. We want to accommodate as many as possible that are at our locations for their size. Therefore if you ask for a 7, in the case we don’t have it we will offer you a 6.5 or 7.5 before going to the next customer.

We ask that anyone in line be in line, chairs do not represent you. Our staff has been advised to clear them in the case nobody is sitting in them. Make sure all trash is cleaned up prior to opening. We appreciate your cooperation and that’s why we will continue to hold first come first serve offerings.

We will be releasing this item first come, first serve at 10AM Wednesday (8/23). We will have men's sizes 5-16 for $180