Corporate Jordan Air Ship

Cincinnati-based sneaker boutique, Corporate, on its 15th Anniversary is set to release an exclusive shoe collaboration with Jordan Brand on Friday September 8, 2023. The design utilizes high quality materials not found on your typical sneaker and pays homage to Cincinnati – the city that inspired Corporate founder Matt Tomamichel to follow his dreams and continues to support the thriving brand, which has grown with additional locations now in neighboring Indianapolis and Dayton.

The use of rich materials on the Corporate Jordan Air Ship and the teal colorway represent greatness, excellence, renewal and royalty while subtle hints throughout the sneaker’s design – such as an outline of the Cincinnati skyline on the insole - remind the wearer where they come from, where they are headed and most importantly that greatness is found within. A story card which will be included in each shoe box will tell Matt’s story of perseverance and commitment to his community both of which have contributed to his 20 years of success in retail.

“If you would have told the teenaged Matt working at Footlocker that he would one day have his own successful sneaker business and create a sneaker with his favorite brand, Jordan, he’d call you crazy,” says Tomamichel.

Throughout the course of the campaign launch for the Corporate Jordan Air Ship, the Corporate team will activate the community in a series of workshops through its non-profit arm, Bigger Than Sneakers.

The sneaker will launch on Friday September 8th at our Cincinnati location at 6 AM, and at 8 AM at our Indianapolis and Dayton stores.

Online release details will be posted on our social media channels on Thursday September 7th.