Air Jordan 13 Retro (Starfish)

The Air Jordan 13 is back in a brand new colorway. If you've been watching the brand lately you've surely noticed Starfish Orange being implemented on different shoes and clothing. Now it's the Air Jordan 13's turn! Don't worry. All the things you love about this model are still here including the holographic cat's eye on the heel and the paw like outsole. 

Be sure and get your entry in now. In 2021 we're limiting this offer to our locals of Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Raffle will be open until Friday 1/15/21 at 5:00 PM.

Upon receiving your invoice please hold onto it until the launch date of the product, which is 1/16/21. You will have a 9 hour window to pay (midnight to 9 am EST). Any early payment will be canceled and we will not be sending a new invoice out.

Retail is $190/Men $140/GS.
Closed! Winners will be notified.