The Collector of Collectors

I recently caught up with one of my earliest supporters. Not only of Corporate but of myself in retail. When I was 16 I began working at Footaction in the Tri-County mall. If there was a store in Cincinnati that got everything it was that one. We had all kinds of customers and there were few that my manager Jeff would cater to.
One that stood out was Jataun. In those days, it was Bo Jacksons and Jordans that caught his attention. He was a certified Gold Member to the Footaction program. We’re talking about 1 or 2 each time. In 2002 that was unthinkable. Most people didn’t have that vision to be investing in a pair to stock.
Fast forward, life has changed for Jataun. These days he’s the ultimate collector. I’m talking from clothing and sneakers to cars, bikes and vintage toys Jataun has amassed a variety of collections. We recently sat down and discussed some things. We hope you enjoy!
Growing up Jataun comes from Lincoln Heights here in Cincinnati. Growing up he had to some time draw the shoes out he wanted before actually being able to have them.
Matt: What was the first sneaker you fell in love with?
Jataun: The Military Air Jordan 4. A few guys had them and they were the freshest to ever have them.
M: How did people even get the information about shoes?
J: Just seeing them out in the street. You had to see them on someone really.
M: After the 4s what was it that made you really want more kicks?
J: The Black Metallic 5. I had to wait a few weeks into the school year too. My mom didn’t get paid at the beginning so it was church clothes before I could get them.
M: What was next?
J: The Jordan 9, a few years later I was able to get them. The shoes were just dope! Martin Lawrence was rocking them. The influence was the guys on the corner when it wasn’t MJ on a court.
M: Let’s talk about how we got connected. 16 years ago we were just meeting at Footaction. I was a bit younger than you but you were heavy in the store.
J: Then it was just I wanted the pairs I couldn’t have growing up. I guess I just went crazy! (laughs)
J: You were different though I saw you were hungry.
M: I appreciate that. I wanted to just figure it out and be inspired to get to my goal. “It was bigger than sneakers.”
M: What was your biggest regret purchase or have you hit the wall yet?
J: I can’t say I have. I always justify it by you only live once or I didn’t have those before. I’m far from rich but I enjoy what I come across.
J: Actually a shoe that is pink. I don’t do pink. I’m coming around though.
(I had to dig deep on this one! He was not willing to acknowledge a bad purchase.)
M: You recently started jumping on Instagram and unveiled all the other collections. I didn’t know it went beyond the sneakers. Bikes(Mongoose, Dyno racing bikes), YSR 50, vintage toys(He Man), etc!
J: Yes (chuckles).
M: Where do you store everything? Does the significant other get it?
J: She does. My excuse is always the same “I didn’t have it when I was growing up.”
M: Works every time?
J: Every time. My daughters are all familiar with every purchase and they understand it as well. I have to educate them on that on what I collect.
M: What are the top 5 things from your collections?
  • A Dodge Challenger I bought for my 40th.
  • A 1988 YSR motorcycle
  • My shoe collection as a whole.
  • He Man Castle. It was something I had when I was young and it reminds me of that always.
  • My Jordan Champion Jersey. Tags still attached. I drove north 2 hours because I had to have it. This was an offer up find of mine.
M: Anything you’re after currently.
J: Vintage Tommy clothing, the crest with the lion sticks out to me.
M: When you think of clothing now is there anything you’d not want again.
J: Biggest regret as a whole. I spent a lot of money on clothing and it changed too quick with the trends.
M: With the aging of shoes have you had any blow outs?
J: I do but I also have a pair that’s wearable from 94, the Jordan 10 “Shadow.” That’s also the first pair I paid $200 for and had 2 weeks early. Now the original Laney 5 is another story. They crumbled.
M: So basically everything worn. Nothing was collected then.
J: You had to be a visionary or something. Think about it I have a $20 price tag on my original 85 Jordan 1s yet now that’s the one everybody collects these days.
M: Thank you for your time and I appreciate your support.
J: Man I appreciate you and like I said if you’re a friend you’re family in my book. Thank you for what you do!
Be sure and follow Jataun on Instagram @jutuanpatton. He’s a size 11 and will be sure to reach out if there’s anything he can collect!