Corporate x Planes Capsule

“Without community there is no culture.” - @vegas_jones

Over the last year this capsule developed from conversations we’ve consistently had that we are going to bring people together in a time that so many things can easily divide us. The paint brush stroke represents us coming together. We finished this graphic with a clear ink that reveals the capsule’s mantra when in hand.

Planes and our team developed an assortment we believe you’ll be impressed by.Featured in this capsule we have the Crown snapback, dad hats, camper cap, hoodies, tees and a complete PFC suit.

Special thank you Just and the whole office for their work on our project. We will always appreciate you bringing this capsule to our Cincy and Indy doors.

For first access be sure and check your Corporate Newsletter now. You have until Friday morning at 10 am.

Friday at 10 am we will be live in-store and online.

Quantities are limited so please act quick!