Corporate Remodel – A Behind the Scenes Look

I’ve always been a student of the game and wanted to continue to grow my business to one of the best in the country. I’ve watched my peers get ahead and it’s only driven me to want that for Corporate and much more. Since the day I opened, I struggled balancing product and the shop’s appearance. I wanted to make sure that the product was there so I sacrificed the appearance.

When we moved to Hyde Park again I made the decision to just get it together and keep it moving. I thought this was the direction my business was still headed. Boy was I wrong. Instantly I was reminded I had made some mistakes in the shop’s appearance. I took it on the chin.

January this year, it set in. We weren’t at our best. Well I said that’s enough and started seeking out the best of the best of everything for the shop. It started with some bags and business cards as a simple first step to rebranding. That led to me seeking out professional help in creating a vision in the shop that would bring us to our future as a company. I delivered a presentation that gave our project the understanding we needed to get here.

You see I wanted our clientele to feel like they were shopping with the best as soon as their foot stepped on our floor. The shop should give you the feeling you’re in a Louis Vuitton however still be friendly enough to know the Corporate customer service is still here for you! That hasn’t changed but if it has it’s because now I expect even more from our family. Notice I didn’t say staff, I said family. We are a family here at Corporate and we work together to bring you the best experience we can.

Hope you enjoy!

“Authors” Pack by New Balance Release 8/1

What happens when New Balance takes really shows off how great of materials they can lace their classics in? The “Authors” Pack comes to fruition. Retail is $240 on the 996 and $260 on the 997. These will be released in very limited quantities tomorrow. Do not sleep or hesitate as once there gone they’re gone.

“Sport Royal” Jordan XIV Release 8/2

"Sport Royal" Jordan XIV Release 8/2 $170

“Sport Royal” Jordan XIV Release 8/2 $170

Saturday 8/2, we will be opening at 8 to sell the “Sport Royal” XIV. Mens only. Retail is $170. Need a pair shipped give us a call at 9 am.

Jordan Take Flight 14.5

If you’re looking for a great sneaker to hoop in… we got em. The Take Flight 14.5 is amazingly comfortable. Retail is $130. Try them on and check them out in person at the shop now.

Reebok Court Victory Pumps

Reebok dug into the archives with these 2 release of the Court Victory Pumps. These are available instore and online now! Retail is $125. Be sure and grab these ASAP!

10 Deep Delivery

The 10 Deep crew continues to give summer some essentials. Come by and grab these pieces ASAP!

New NSW Apparel Drop

We’ve been receiving some great new NSW apparel. Be sure and stop in now!

NSW Barkleyposite 8/1

NSW Barkleyposite 8/1 $235

NSW Barkleyposite 8/1 $235

As Team USA takes on the world again… we gotta give you this Barkleyposite to remind the world how clean white foam is. Retail is $235. We will open at 8 am. Retail is $235. Need em get here early or give us a call to order at open!

PF Flyers by Todd Snyder

Former design director of JCrew, Todd Snyder has teamed up with PF Flyers to bring you these 3 colorways. We believe you’ll love the upgrades they have made to this classic. We’re talking a whole new level of cushioning as well as material uses. Retail is $140. Only a handful of folks in the game have these available and yes “Corporate Got Em.” Guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher…

BTS Recap! Thank you!

BTS was a complete success. Our Agar family really helped bring this vision to life!

Our friends DJ Clark Kent, Jeff Staple, Mayor, DJ Imperial D, Gerard ( all made the trip down! It was unreal when Emory Jones, Jerreau of Fly Union and Kelton showed up to support as well!

Special thank you to City Gear, AIGA, Beechmont Ford, Roadshow International and many more!

Be sure and pick up your BTS tees in the shop or online shop now!



Jordan Flight Future + Jordan Shine

First off the Jordan Flight Remix is now available. Retail is $160. This unique sneaker takes cues from the V, XV and XX2. Check them out. They’re extremely light and feature some great materials.

The Jordan Shine is making its debut this weekend. At $400 you’re getting the entire bang for your buck with this premium leather inside and out. Don’t sleep as these are very limited and won’t be seen anywhere else in the city besides Corporate. Red or black take your pick! They’re both fire.