We just received this new color of the Roshe Run! These things look perfect in person! Come grab a pair! Retail is $70!

We’ve already began to sell through our stock on these!

  1. lifeloveregret (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2012

    Most comfortable shoe, with a dang good price.

  2. kevin (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2012

    instagram-ed you a question about the Roshe

  3. BiBz (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2012

    how do I purchase?

  4. You already know (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2012

    Damn, I see you with that Sneakernews link that’s Ill-body.

  5. James (Reply) on Tuesday 24, 2012

    What BiBz said, how can I purchase. They’re not listed in the store part of this website. I needs these.